4 Things I’ve Learned About Corporate Limousine Services

4 Things I’ve Learned About Corporate Limousine Services

Corporate limousine services are a great way to create lasting impressions and help employees get from A to B, but you have to know what to expect.

Most people have no idea how to find the best company to hire. In fact, many people will pay for the ride, get to the destination, and then call a local cab service because they don’t realize that you can easily get a limo service in Philadelphia.

1. Be Prepared – Make Sure Your Limo is Fully Equipped and Ready to Go

First thing’s first.  Make sure your limo is fully equipped and ready to go.  Ask your limo service provider for a list of their equipment.  Also, ask them if they offer any kind of catering or special needs (such as a fridge).  Finally, check the company’s website to see what kind of vehicles they offer and what kind of services they offer.

2. Have a Backup Plan – What Happens if The Limo Doesn’t Show?

Even if you have a reliable limo service, you never know what could happen on the road.  If you get into an accident or if your limo breaks down, you may be in big trouble.  If this happens, the last thing you want is to waste time trying to figure out how to get home.  You need to make sure you have a backup plan, like having your spouse pick you up or calling a local cab service.

3. Book Early to Get the Best Deals – The earlier you book, the less your costs will be

It is important to book your limo early because limos go quickly and it is very easy to get the wrong one. Make sure you ask all the questions you can think of, because the more information you give them, the better the deal you’ll get. Also, make sure that your limo service provider will tell you the total cost up front.

4. Ask Questions About Your Limo – Is It Safe?

Ask your limo service provider all about their vehicle and how safe they are. How big is the vehicle? Does it have a GPS?  Is it big enough for your whole team?  Ask if your company’s limousine service has insurance, and if so, make sure that it covers you and your team in case something happens. You should also check if your limo service has workers compensation insurance, but keep in mind that limousine services are usually covered by general liability insurance.

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