What really goes on at the Mission?

Do you know....

  • We have 15 buildings total?
  • The exciting and mysterious history of our Youth Center building?
  • There is a 3rd floor to the York Economy Store?
  • We expanded at the Women & Children's Ministry?
  • We have 45 bathrooms (stocked entirely on donations)?
  • Where we organize and store enough food to serve over 185,000 meals this year?

Please take advantage of our Mission Tours. It's a fantastic way to see how we successfully help the community and what goes into the "behind the scenes" to make it all possible. It's also a great way for our volunteers and donors to see how they make such an influence in the work we do.

Please contact Kathy Jones, Director of Volunteer Services, at 717-812-1692 to arrange a tour.

You CAN make a difference today!

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