What brings men to the York Rescue Mission?

The reason may be a lack of poor decisions, poor financial planning, or through no fault of their own, such as a sudden job loss. Most do not have a job.

  • Often individuals are referred to YRM
  • Judicial process
  • Social service agencies
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers
  • Other non-profit homeless shelters
  • Local churches
  • York County Adult Probation
  • Straight from hospitals, prisons, and mental health wards.
  • Police will bring them
  • Walk in off the street.
  • Evictions or houses being deemed unlivable.

No matter why they come, the York Rescue Mission works with each individual to get them the help they need. With the support of the many churches, businesses, organizations and individuals, the Mission can provide food, clothes, and shelter. Many individuals choose to take the steps to change their lives by joining the YRM's Men's Spiritual Life Recovery Program.

Together with God and through the generous contributions of the York community, the Mission strives to change lives one man, woman and child at a time.


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